Video Tutorials

We have provided a set of video tutorials for UEBOnline to assist you in getting started and completing the exercises. These tutorials are divided into two parts. 

The first set of videos are topic based videos which describe how to complete a task within UEBOnline.

The second set of videos focus on specific problems we have seen user encounter in UEBOnline and they are targeted to help you when you encounter that issues and are called the ‘Did someone say Help!’ Videos.

To view any of the videos simply click on the video title link and it will be launched in a pop up on the screen and will autoplay.

Under each video a brief summary of the video contents has been provided.


Tutorial Videos

Video Tutorial 1 - Using the Keyboard

Running Time: 6:48 minutes

Covers the use of the s d f and j k l keys for 6 dot entry, the purpose of the Keyboard test and what you can try when it doesn’t work.

Video Tutorial 2 - The Dashboard

Running Time: 6:43 minutes

Explains the purpose of the Dashboard and how it is used for navigating courses and lessons as well as purchasing and downloading certificates.

Video Tutorial 3 - Visual and Non-Visual Mode

Running Time: 5:25 minutes

Explains the difference between Visual and Non-Visual mode, how lesson entry is different and why it was done this way. Includes a brief overview of why you might choose each and how to select them from My Account page.

Video Tutorial 4 - Exercise Completion in Visual Mode

Running Time: 24:25 minutes

Explains how to complete an exercise in Visual Mode. Covers 6 key entry, 40 columns and when to wrap, the ‘word highlighter’ which is used to keep track of the words/lines being entered, when and why you need to press space and return, and formatting where applicable.

Video Tutorial 5 - Exercise Completion in Non-Visual Mode

Running Time: 25:58 minutes

Explains how to complete an exercise in Non Visual Mode and the interaction with the screen reader. Covers 6 key entry and the way screen readers read the help text. Talks about the help we provide and how to use it particularly in the UEB Maths context. When and why you need to press space and return. Also cover the BRF files and other help files we provide to assist the blind.

Video Tutorial 6 - High Contrast Mode

Running Time: 5:59 minutes

Show the high contrast options we have and how it can be used to enhance the exercise completion for the low vision users.


‘Did someone say Help!’ Videos

Video 1 - I cannot move onto the next lesson

Running Time: 3:36 minutes

Use this video if you think you have finished the lesson but the Next Lesson button is unavailable.

Video 2 - I can't move past an error but it looks correct

Running Time: 4:34 minutes

What to do when you see strange errors but you think everything is OK.

Video 3 - Can I redo a previous lesson?

Running Time: 4:25 minutes

This video shows how to go back and redo lessons you have already completed.

Video 4 - How do I reset my password?

Running Time: 2:32 minutes

Follow these steps to reset your password on UEBOnline.