UEB Competency Exams

In addition to the training programs which are provided to help the student learn Unified English Braille, UEB Online provides a set of open book examinations in UEB Literary and Mathematics which candidates can use to test their competency after completing the training programs.

The UEB competency examinations are available from within your UEB Online Dashboard, whereas the training programs can be completed for free before (optionally) purchasing a certificate. Competency exams must be purchased before you start.

Available Competency Exams

The following competency examinations are available within the UEB Online website.

The UEB Literary Competency Exam consists of two parts. Part A is a 1000 word translation of an English print passage into Unified English Braille. Part B has 20 multiple choice questions where in each question you are required to identify the correctly brailled sentence from four braille options provided. The UEB Literary exam tests your competency in the content contained within the UEB Online Literacy training program taught across both Modules 1 and Modules 2.

The UEB Introductory Mathematics Competency Exam consists of just one part containing 40 questions. In each question you translating a print mathematical expression into Unified English Braille. The UEB Introductory Mathematics exam tests your competency on mathematical symbols and expressions that are encountered during the primary years of schooling and covers the same content as that in the UEB Introductory Mathematics training program.

Note: We recommend that you are familiar with and have completed the UEB Online training program that corresponds to the competency exam you are completing to ensure your best chance of achieving a mark that reflects your braille code knowledge.


A competency examination must be completed in full before submitting your work for automated marking, unlike a training program which provides immediate feedback on errors as you type.

The UEB Online marking algorithm will review your answer and determine a final mark and subsequent grade for your examination. Feedback on your errors will be provided after submitting your exam for marking.

If you achieve a pass mark of 70 or more out of 100, a Certificate of Competency in Unified English Braille will be awarded for the relevant examination topic you completed.

Exams are graded as follows (score out of 100):

  • Pass – 70 to 79
  • Credit – 80 to 89
  • Distinction – 90 to 94
  • High Distinction – 95 to 100

Further details on the marking algorithm for each examination are available in the introduction page which is displayed before purchasing the exam.

Time for exam completion

Once you have purchased an exam, you have 90 days to start the exam.

Once you start the exam, you have 14 consecutive days to complete it.

Your exam will time out on Day 15. To prevent this happening, you may request an extra 14 day extension to complete the exam. The extension request must be made within 90 days of the original exam purchase date. If you fail to request an extension in this time, your exam will no longer be available.

Opportunity to resit the exam

If you unsuccessfully complete the exam with a score of less than 70, then you will be given the option to resit the exam 28 days after the attempt. The 28 day waiting period between exams give you time to review your mistakes and prepare for the exam resit.

After 28 days your next attempt will be available using different exam content. You will once again have 14 consecutive days to complete the resit.

You will be allowed up to 3 resits of the exam. If you have been unsuccessful in all attempts, then your exam is closed and no further attempts will be allowed.

Ready to begin?

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