UEB Competency Exams – Steps to get started

  1. Go to your User Dashboard and locate the UEB Literary, UEB Introductory Mathematics, UEB Advanced Mathematics or UEB Extension Mathematics competency exam.
  2. Click the Purchase button, as shown in the image below. This will take you to the Introduction page for the exam. The Introduction page includes the exam marking methods, how long you have to complete the exam, and the terms and conditions for exam completion.

Exam Purchase Tile in Dashboard

Note: If you have not previously completed any UEB Online Training Program, instead of going to the Introduction page, you will first be taken to the Keyboard Check page. The keyboard check is to ensure that your keyboard allows you to press combinations of keys at one time, to create the different braille symbols and contractions. Upon successful completion of the keyboard check you will be taken to the exam introduction page.

  1. To proceed and purchase the exam,  tick the checkbox at the end of the Introduction page. This indicates that you accept the information and terms and conditions provided.
  2. A purchase form will be displayed on the page. Complete the form to purchase the exam. Your name will be prefilled with the information you provided when registering. Fill in your credit card details and your country location then press the Purchase Exam below the form.
  3. If your credit card details and purchase are accepted, you are ready to commence your chosen exam.
  4. You will receive a receipt of exam purchase and an invoice by email. The invoice can also be downloaded from your User Dashboard.


  • If you get an error on purchase, then please correct any errors and try again. If you are still having difficulties then please Contact Us.
  • If you do not have a credit card and would like to purchase an exam, please Contact Us.
  • We ask you to provide your country for statistical purposes so that we can identify from which country each exam is being purchased.