Completing a Literary Exam

After purchasing a UEB Literary Competency Exam you are shown two buttons on the corresponding Dashboard tile allowing you to start either Part A or Part B of the exam.

Note: There are no dependencies between Part A and Part B, so you can elect to do either part first. Additionally you do not need to complete one part before starting the next part. They can both be done at the same time.

At the start of both Part A or Part B in either Visual or Non-Visual mode there are written instructions on how to complete the exam. We strongly suggest you read these before commencing the exam as this will give you the best chance of completing the exam correctly.

At any point you can review the Introduction page which is shown prior to purchasing the exam from the Introduction link within the tile in your Dashboard. This will contain information about the marking scheme, the completion times and grading.

The tile in the Dashboard will also show information about the timing of the exam (expiration date, start before dates) and will also contain links for requesting an extension to complete the exam if you need one.

As part of the exam conditions you are given the opportunity to resit the exam should you be unsuccessful on an attempt. The Introduction page has timings for when resits are available. All attempts for the UEB Literary Competency exam will be stored within the single Dashboard tile and will be marked as Attempt 1, Attempt 2 etc.

For further details on completing Parts A and B of a Literary exam in Visual and Non-Visual mode please see our Video Tutorials page.