Course Outline

The UEB Online program uses the information and exercises from the Unified English Braille Australian Training Manual, April 2014, Published by the Round Table on Information Access for People with print Disabilities.

The original training manual contained exercises to be completed using a braille machine. This online version replicates using a braille machine but instead uses select keys on a standard computer keyboard to enter braille online. Further explanation of this method is found on the page using your keyboard.

Modules and lessons

The course consists of Two Modules. Both modules must be completed to learn braille.

Module 1 includes lessons 1-14. This modules covers basics of braille, including the alphabet, some simple punctuation, simple word signs and group signs.

Module 2 includes lessons 15-31. Complex two-cell contractions, short forms, group signs, punctuation, numbers, print symbols, braille mode indicators and type forms, capitalisation and names and abbreviations are covered here.

Exercises and marking

Each lesson includes two exercises which must be completed with 100% accuracy before you can proceed to the next lesson. The exercises will require you to translate english text to braille for the first exercise, then braille to text for the second exercise. There are some lessons where only translation of text to braille is required for both exercises.

All marking of exercises is done automatically so learners receive immediate feedback and can monitor their progress through the course. Your work can be saved at any time by clicking the save button at the bottom of each exercise.

Certificate of completion

UEB Online is offered free of charge to users. A certificate of completion is available to purchase for each completed module for a small fee. Once payment is made the certificate will be immediately ready to download.

Options to purchase certificates for modules will only appear once modules are completed. You can defer purchasing your certificate. Your user account will be kept on the website and you can simply log in and purchase your certificate at any time after completion of the course.